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Stressed People Tend to Neglect Healthy Lifestyle • Mirror Daily

Do you fall under the category of stressed people?

(Mirror Daily, United States) Personal of professional problems can make stressed people forget about their healthy habits.  A new study from researchers found that there is a link between stress and the way we process healthy food. Specialists suggest us always to bear in mind that stress can only cause complications, and not solve the problems, even more, if they are health problems.

The new research was led by Jan Kiecolt-Glaser and her team, and approximately sixty women participated in the study. The scientists analyzed the results of people eating a healthy breakfast. What they observed was that when people are stressed, especially women, the organism doesn’t receive food under the normal conditions. Even ‘good’ fat is assimilated as ‘bad’ fat, which slows down the process of burning calories.

For the tests, both healthy and fat-rich meals were prepared, especially for women participants, as they are more prone to stress than men. The researchers noted that events which cause stress during the previous day also lead to the improper assimilation of meals in the following day. Regardless of the problems producing this state of mind, stressed people tend to react the same when it comes to assimilating nourishing food and leading a healthy lifestyle.

According to the specialists’ study, unhealthy meals lead to blood pressure problems. The same problems were identified with the participants who had gone through stressful situations, although they enjoyed a healthy breakfast.

The results of the study are important for stressed people who need to make a change about themselves. Not allowing external problems to interfere with their health should be their number one concern.

The study also provides people who want to lose weight with useful information. The findings show that stressed people face more difficulties when it comes to losing weight than people who tend to be more relaxed. Being excessively concerned about the very process of losing weight can lead to inefficient outcomes.

Specialists suggest everyone should remember that leading a healthy lifestyle means more than healthy food and regular exercise. One’s state of mind is highly important, as stressed people can eliminate the effects of all their healthy habits just by worrying too much about some of their problems.

The new study connecting stress levels and healthy lifestyle was published in the medical journal Molecular Psychiatry.

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