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Student Was Deadly Shot in Savannah State University Fire Exchange • Mirror Daily

Many more voices suggest something needs to be done to prevent university shootings.

Based on police authorities’ reports, a student was deadly shot in Savannah State University fire exchange which took place on Thursday evening at around 10 p.m. The first declarations indicated that the boy was a member of the Student Union and was killed at the campus’ cafeteria.

Christopher Starks, from Atlanta was at the Savannah State University cafeteria when an altercation break out. Unlike other students in the room, Christopher did not make it in time to hide himself from the attackers and was fatally shot during the altercation. He was later on pronounced dead by medical experts at the local hospital.

Police authorities arrived at the scene as soon as they were notified. They placed the campus under lockdown for approximately one hour, from 10 p.m. to 11:45 p.m. Nobody was allowed to enter or leave the campus during the lockdown because police officials wanted to gather as much evidence on the incident as possible.

The University Police is now working with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to find out who the suspects were and what might have caused them to start shooting in the cafeteria. The University’s spokeswoman, Loretta Heyward, published a press release on the official website informing people about the incident. She also expressed her deepest regrets for the loss that Christopher Starks’ family has suffered.

In spite of the recent incident, the spokeswoman has reassured students that academic activities will be resumed on Friday. Students, who felt they needed counseling for the grief they have suffered, were advised to seek medical support.

The news has caused much hype among Internet users, particularly members of social communities. Many Twitter users expressed their deepest concerns in relation to the frequent fire exchanges occurring within university campuses. They hope something will be done to prevent similar events from taking place again in the future.

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