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Sugar Spurs Cancer Development and Growth

How about a couple of tankers of the stuff?

(Mirror Daily, United States) – In one final bout of bad news from last year, the results of a research published on December 31st from the Texas Anderson University’s Cancer Center shows that sugar spurs cancer development and growth.

The team of researchers from the Texas Anderson University’s Cancer Center looked at a group of mice in order to test their theories.

Four different groups of mice were fed different diets, consisting of sucrose, fructose, glucose, and starch. Those fed simple starch were in the control group.

Fructose is a component found in most sweet foods as high fructose corn syrup, but it isn’t limited to just sweets. Most creamy products, as well as most fruit juices also contain the highly dangerous product.

According to the study’s results, about 50% to 58% percent of the mice in all three groups except for those fed starch actually developed tumors. Additionally, if they were fed sugar after already having developed a cancer, the tumors would keep growing.

It was found that those mice fed sucrose and fructose developed the greater number of cancerous tumors, as well as the most number of metastasizing cancers.

Since fructose is made from a composition of sucrose and glucose, and the most tumorous cells appeared in the mice consuming sucrose and fructose, it would seem like sucrose is the most dangerous stand-alone sugar additive. Of course, since it contains it, as well as glucose, fructose is even more dangerous.

The study focused on breast cancer, and that is the type of tumors developed by the mice. However, that doesn’t mean that the sweet additive doesn’t cause other types of tumors as well; the mice were chose specifically for their propensity to develop breast cancer because of environmental reasons.

And all this may actually be the reason as to why cancer is on its way to become the number one cause of death in America. Sure, heart disease is still the nation-wide leader, but cancer is making quick progress, already being the number one killer in 22 states.

US consumption of sugar is on a steady rise, and has been for the past decade. The average adult consumes more than twice the recommended amount of sugar every day, just as is the case with salt.

And, of course, the fault doesn’t belong entirely to the citizens, not even most of it, as food producers are feeding them sugar rich products on a daily basis.

For example, even refined grains and red meat contain high levels of fructose.

Image source: Wikimedia

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