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Suicidal Suspect Shot and Killed by Carmichael PD • Mirror Daily

A suicidal suspect was shot and killed on site by officers from Carmichael’s police department.

Carmichael Police Department reported an odd encounter with a mentally unbalanced suspect on Thursday afternoon. The suspect was shot and killed on the scene according to the police department’s official statements.

On Thursday afternoon, Carmichael’s PD received a call from the owner of a convenience store. The man on the phone said that a knife-wielding suspect entered the store and threatened everyone.

Several police officers rushed to the convenience store in an attempt to prevent the man from harming any of the store’s client. The officers who were on duty that day and entered the convenience store declared that upon arriving on the scene, they saw a male suspect holding a knife in his right hand.

Sheriff’s Sargent Tony Turnbull was one of the officers who responded to the call. According to his statements, the man was running between the aisles with a knife in his hands. As the authorities approached, the suspect said that he had a firearm in his possession and that he will open fire if the officers did not back up.

As Turnbull recalls, a couple of minutes later, the suspect slashed his throat with the knife, in an attempt to scare off the police officers. Turnbull declared that there was a lot of blood coming out of the self-inflicted knife wound, a telltale sign that he managed to nick an artery.

In a desperate attempt to immobilize the man in order to deter him from further harming himself, the police officers fired a non-lethal rubber bullet. Unfortunately, the rubber bullet did not stop the suicidal suspect, and the police officers were forced to use lethal ammunition in order to subdue him.

Shortly after, the suicidal suspect died, but the police are still uncertain whether his death was caused by the bleeding wound or by the lethal bullet. Moreover, the officers cannot confirm if the lethal bullet hit the target or not.

The suicidal suspect’s body was taken to the Sacramento’s coroner, where an autopsy will be performed.

Unfortunately, Carmichael’s police department was unable to establish why the suspect slit his throat or why he entered the store.

An official spokesperson from the suburb’s police department said that no one was harmed during the bloody encounter between the suicidal suspect and the police officers.

We will keep you apprised if there are any developments in this case.

Image source: Flickr

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