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Super Clio Prize Was Awarded to Jeep’s “Portraits”

Jeep’s “Portraits” commercial featured both famous and anonymous people because Jeep is for everybody.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – This year’s second Super Clio Prize was awarded to Jeep’s “Portraits”, a touching commercial that focuses more on the people that made Jeep the brand that it is today. And with a “cast” like Steve McQueen, Marilyn Monroe, the Terminator robot and dinosaur battling Jeff Goldblum, they could not have done a better commercial.

The idea behind Jeep’s “Portraits” was not to promote the new car that the brand has developed, but rather the people that have used Jeep vehicles throughout the history. So they focused more on nostalgia and created a black and white masterpiece that won the second Super Clio Award.

The minute-long commercial was developed by Iris Worldwide and it was meant to promote the latest Fiat Chrysler. But the car wasn’t the star of the video, emotions and people were. The stunning black and white photographs were combined with quick flashes of the new Fiat Chrysler while a soothing voice explained why Jeep is the brand of the people.

And they did a magnificent job underlining the fact that Jeep always designed and manufactured vehicles that were used by all sorts of people from kings and queens to simple army men that drove them during missions in World War II.

The second Super Clio Prize was awarded to Jeep’s “Portraits” and it is clearly as black on white why.

But there were two more finalists in the battle for the Super Clio Prize and they were equally stunning from a visual point of view.

The “Marilyn” commercial for Snickers featured none other than Willem DaFoe dressed in the iconic white dress that Marilyn Monroe wore in the “Seven Year Itch” scene that has become a popular culture reference when Marilyn stands over a vent and she tries to catch her white loose dress before it revealed more than was appropriate but enough for the scene to become as legendary as she was.

The “you’re not you when you’re hungry” Snickers motto takes a whole new meaning when you see Willem DaFoe’s feet in high heels complaining about the stupidity of the iconic scene.

The third finalist for the Super Clio Prize was Grey’s “Super Bowl Choir”. The three-minute video features a cover of Seal’s “Kiss from a rose” sang by Super Bowl children. It seems that every year, exactly nine months after the Super Bowl, the town from which the winning team originated experiences a boom in childbirth. The children are called Super Bowl children.

The video is very touching and it reveals a side of the Super Bowl that has nothing to do with competing, but rather loving. And the generations of children that participated in the making of the video are a live testament that some American traditions are worth being kept. And football is the greatest American sport.

Last year’s Super Clio Prize was awarded to a Snickers ad that featured a very hungry Danny Trejo and an angry and left aside Steve Buscemi. But it seems that this year the focus fell more on nostalgia and deep emotions, rather than comedy. Although Snickers always knew how to make good comedy.

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