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Surgeons Require Avocados to Come with Safety Warnings • Mirror Daily

Many people receive serious injuries when they try to cut and peel avocados

(Mirror Daily, United States) – After making many victims, avocados might soon come with a warning label in the UK. The Mexican fruit is quite difficult to slice and peel, and many people find it hard to perform these actions without injuring themselves. This is why British surgeons thought they should be warned beforehand on the dangers and challenges of the main ingredient of guacamole.

Avocados make victims with their tough peel

When trying to chop avocados, many people ignore their mushy texture, so they end up cutting their own hands. This leaves them in need of medical assistance, so many such victims have assaulted the hospitals with a condition doctors called “avocado hand”.

In fact, doctors at St. Thomas Hospital in London have already got used to the ‘post-brunch’ victims. Almost every Saturday, the avocado victims come to seek treatment after they lose the battle with the fruit’s stubborn peel.

Surgeons ask for warning labels applied to the fruit

Therefore, the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgeons suggest that avocados should come with a special warning label. This might help people be more careful when slicing and peeling the fruit, and also remind them that these activities often end up in serious cuts and injuries.

Other proposals indicate that, besides the warning label, avocados might also come with how-to information. Professional cooks should put up some guidelines on how to effectively peel and slice an avocado, without suffering unfortunate events. This sounds silly, but it might turn out useful for many people.

Surgeons explained that they did not intend to prevent people from consuming avocado. On the contrary, more people might dare to struggle with peeling and preparing the fruit if they know how to handle it properly.
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