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Swedish Center HIV scare •

Fentanyl, the substance that was in the syringe is up to 100 times more potent than morphine.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Authorities made an official announcement in which they said that Rocky Allen, the surgical technician involved in HIV scare has a bloodborne pathogen. Allen managed to get himself hired in various hospitals where he then proceeded to steal drugs and use them on himself.

Rocky Allen, the surgical technician involved in HIV scare has a bloodborne pathogen in his body. But that was not the only cause of the HIV scare. After being caught replacing a syringe of fentanyl in the operating room, the doctors feared that the needles from the replacement syringe might have been contaminated with HIV or hepatitis, seeing as the needles were usually taken from the disposable bin.

Approximately 2,900 patients were contacted to come back to the hospital and get tested for hepatitis B and C and HIV.

According to the testimony of a criminal investigator, the surgical technician involved in HIV scare has a bloodborne pathogen, as well as a severe drug addiction. Allen worked in four previous hospitals before getting caught red-handed at the Swedish Center.

The surgical technician preferred substance was fentanyl, an opiate analgesic. When used frequently, the substance causes severe addiction, just like in the case of opiate-based illegal drugs like opium, heroin, morphine, buprenorphine and methadone.

A special agent from the United States Drug and Food Administration, Christy Berg, also testified in court against the surgical technician. It seems that Allen managed to jump from hospital to hospital because he kept his employment history a secret.

Berg testified that Allen’s deed at the Swedish Center is by far his first offence. At one of the hospitals where he was employed the surgical technician was found completely passed out due to drug abuse. At another one, the technician was caught scavenging in a used needles container.

Every job he had until now was lost due to his serious drug problem. Berg declared that most addicts are capable of doing anything in order to get their hands on their desired substance. In the majority of cases, they will show little to no consideration to the people surrounding them.

Fentanyl, the substance that was in the syringe with which Allen was caught is a very powerful painkiller. Berg described its potency as being up to one hundred times stronger than the more commonly used morphine.

Allen’s lawyer invoked his client’s deployment to Afghanistan as a reason for his drug problem. The Navy did not offer any help for either his post-traumatic stress disorder or his drug problem.

Charges have not been set yet.

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