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Swimming Pools Pose Risk of Crypto Infection • Mirror Daily

Large number of crypto cases were registered over the past two years

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Summer is coming, and many people cannot wait until they can relax in a swimming pool and enjoy the sun. However, health experts warn them to be careful before they jump into the cooling water, as it might pose risks of bacterial infections. Over the last two years, the entire country has been swept by thousands of cases of crypto infection.

Massive crypto outbreaks in the last two years

Crypto comes from cryptosporidium, and represents bacteria usually transmitted via swimming pools. The main symptom of the disease is diarrhea, and it can be easily contracted if a person swallows or gets into contact with infected water. CDC warns people that crypto outbreaks have increased over the past two years.

Jessica Rigler, member of the Department of Health in Arizona, explains how important it is to keep crypto away from communities as much as possible. Once the bacteria spread all over a region, it is extremely difficult to get rid of it, especially if the infection takes place during summer.

Take safety measures before going swimming

Last year, there were 565 registered cases of crypto infection. The number might get bigger this year if people are not careful. Therefore, health officials warn people who suffer diarrhea to stay away from swimming pools, and try to keep the disease under control. Also, if they see improvements in their conditions, they may still be carrying the germs. Therefore, they should wait until they recover completely before going swimming again.

Parents should be careful when they go to swimming pools with their children. Kids should shower before jumping in the water. Also, they should change their diapers away from the pool, preferable in bathrooms or specially designed places.

Crypto can survive for several days even in well-cleaned pools, as not even chlorine can kill it. Getting rid of the germ is difficult, and places which get infected need to be closed down and undergo hyperchlorination treatments.
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