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System Shock Gets Remastered • Mirror Daily

System Shock is the FPS that put shooter games on the map of gaming.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – There is a first game in every genre that genuinely marks the beginning of the new era. As World of Warcraft defined the “excellent” status of MMORPG games, System Shock is the game that made FPS what it is today. The best news is that System Shock gets remastered this year and fans can relive the SHODAN-dominated world yet again.

Every good classic game deserves to be remade. This is the main reason for which System Shock gets remastered this year. Even though FPS video games had come a long way since 1994 when SS first appeared, there are still plenty of nostalgia-stricken fans that wish to relive the game that was the starting point of all FPS after it.

Due to its awkward controls and incredibly old age, the Enhanced Edition that was released last year didn’t manage to make it the great treasure of shooter games that System Shock was when it was first released.

But the classic didn’t just deserve an Enhanced Edition; it deserved a complete rebuild. The best part in all of this is that the company remained faithful to all of the features that transformed SS into the cult classic that it is today. So System Shock enthusiasts can rest assured that once the video game is released, they will live the experience of a lifetime. Again, that is.

 Back in 1994, SS was developed by Looking Glass Technologies and then published by Origin Systems. It was produced by Warren Spector and directed by Doug Church.

And even though it came out more than twenty years ago, the story is still set in the near future. Sometimes in 2072, an evil artificial intelligence that goes by the name of SHODAN plans to take over the world.

The players assume the role of a hacker that has no name (sort of like Anonymous before they were even created). His mission is to stop SHODAN from destroying civilization. The settings in which the action takes place are inspired by the cyberpunk trend.

According to both critics and fans, System Shock is considered to be the spiritual predecessor of BioShock and Deus Ex.

If you come to think about it, it’s a good thing that System Shock gets remastered this year because there are a lot of gamers out there who believe a disk is just the 3-D printed version of the save button. So they wouldn’t know what to do with the original physical copies.

As you can see in the trailer embedded below, SS will keep its world-conquering features, but it will also offer players a more modern approach to the game.

Image source: YouTube

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