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Take a Look at Facebook's News Feed Settings • Mirror Daily

Facebook has added new settings for your News Feed.

We invite you to take a look at Facebook’s News Feed settings as the social network has included new options to allow users to better organize the displayed information. The new tools give user the possibility to choose the information they want to view on top of their pages and to do away with the less interesting data.

Mark Zuckerberg has recently disclosed that Facebook’s News Feed page will be organized from now on, according to users’ preferences. This is possible due to the new tools that the social network has embedded, enabling users to follow or unfollow certain pages.

The first setting was inserted after users repeatedly complained that their News Feed pages are flooded by irrelevant pieces of information, which prevents them from seeing what they are really interested in. Thus, Facebook allows social networkers to place their favorite pages on top of the News Feed page, being able to quickly see their recent posts.

At the opposite pole, Facebook is also allowing users to unfollow certain page, so users would no longer be stressed by unnecessary posts. There is also the option to temporarily unfollow a friend or a page and then resume following him/her, once the queue of boring posts has finished.

The third feature that Facebook inserted is a menu that suggests users which pages or persons to follow, based on their previous preferences. The menu will pop-up as soon as users log into their profiles; however, they can later on choose whether they want to see more suggestions or not.

The current changes that Facebook is making are meant to render the News Feed a lot easier to read and to eliminate all the “white noise”. For that matter, the new options will not be displayed on this page, but rather inserted in the menu, underneath the “More” button.

Users will have to click on this button, access the Settings menu and choose which options they want to apply to their News Feed.

These features were first tested in Spain during a quiet experiment and the good feedback stimulated Facebook to spread them in other countries, as well. Users should be pleased with the new settings as they have many more possibilities to organize their friends and pages.

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