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Take Some Advice from a Food Poisoning Expert

Make sure eggs, meat and shellfish are cooked well before you eat them to avoid food poisoning

(Mirror Daily, United States) – We’ve heard about so many studies that tell us what’s good to eat and what’s not but let’s take some advice from a food poisoning expert.

You are probably tired of trying to figure out what’s good for you when it comes to food. One day you hear coffee increases the risk of cancer, the next one is the best beverage you could have. The same goes for pretty much everything we eat and drink. So let’s see what an expert has to say about this and more importantly what are the types of food they avoid.

Besides increasing certain health risks, certain foods may be dangerous as they can cause food poisoning. Believe it or not, according to a report from the World Health Organization, each year about 351,000 people die from food poisoning.

Bill Marler, a food poisoning expert gives us some recommendations on what’s best not to eat to avoid such a dangerous and unpleasant event. Living aside the death cases, even a mild food poisoning may be very disturbing as it can still last for a few days and make you feel really bad, while also attacking your immune system.

So, here are some of the foods you should avoid:

First of all raw oysters and raw shellfish are bad for you. They gather all these poisonous substances from the sea and if they’re not cooked (boiled, fried) you will then ingest those substances which can be full of toxins and bacteria. Therefore, make sure your oysters are cooked before you start eating them.

Pretty much the same goes for meat. Do not eat it raw. Sure, our great ancestors didn’t always bother cooking what they hunted but this doesn’t mean they didn’t get food poisoning. If the meat is not cooked at least medium, there is a high probability you could get E. coli poisoning, salmonella or other bacterial illnesses. The food poisoning expert will always order his steak at least medium-well, if not well-done.

Always be careful with milk as well. Make sure it is pasteurized, otherwise, just as with meet you could contract E. coli.

You also shouldn’t trust pre-cut fruit and vegetables. Although it’s very convenient having them and saving so much time, you never know how safe the process they went through was and what substances they have been exposed to.

And salmonella can strike again when it comes to raw or undercooked eggs. Make sure the eggs you’re planning to eat are made at least medium to well and if you’re going for poached eggs make sure they are very very fresh.

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