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Teenager Died After Recreating a YouTube Experiment • Mirror Daily

According to the YouTube video, the experiment needs 12,000 V to work.

An Ohio teenager died after recreating a YouTube experiment he saw on the internet dubbed “Jacob’s Ladder.” Morgan Wojciechowski was 15 years old, a student and athlete at the Vermillion High. The boy was very inquisitive by nature, always trying out new things, challenging everything he heard.

On the 19th of April, Wojciechowski came home from school and started working on his latest science project in the garage of his home. The boy was trying to conduct the “Jacob’s Ladder” experiment that has been circulating the internet for a while now.

He studied the tutorial, gathered everything he thought he needed and proceeded on building the machine. The problem was that Wojciechowski didn’t use the exact materials showed in the YouTube video. Because of this, something went terribly wrong when he powered up the machine.

Instead of having some innocent, science-related fun, the teenager died after recreating a YouTube experiment that involved the use of a machine capable of emitting 12,000 V. The amount of electricity that flowed through Wojciechowski’s body killed him almost instantly.

While he was working on his side project in the garage, his parents were in the house. At a point, they thought they heard a strange noise and went to check on their son. What they discovered left them in a state of shock.

The adolescent was lying on the floor. His parents immediately called 911, but the paramedics that got to the scene could only transport him to the hospital where he was declared dead. The doctors say that all of his injuries are consistent with a high amount of electricity traveling through his body. The hospital agreed that the teenager died after recreating a YouTube experiment.

In the YouTube video, the men that are conducting the experiment are using two copper wires attached to a wooden support in the shape of a V. The wires are then connected to a power battery with conductive pliers.

The two men in the video are constantly repeating that the experiment should be recreating only in safe environments and that it is highly dangerous.

Apparently, Wojciechowski thought he could handle the challenge. His biggest mistake was the fact that he used improvised materials. Instead of copper wires he built the V from wire hangers, and he powered the whatchamacallit with an old microwave battery.

His grandfather is blaming the Internet, especially YouTube channels. According to the man, parents should supervise their children more when it comes to their browser history and explain to them the dangers of recreating viral challenges or experiments.

Image source: Pixabay

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