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Telltale’s Zombie Survival Will Be Available On Consoles • Mirror Daily

Telltale’s zombie survival mode will be available on consoles starting this June.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Telltale’s zombie survival will be available on consoles starting this June. Seven Days to Die is a survival RPG that offers players unlimited resources to play. There are multiple modes to choose from, and the players can customize their gaming experience.

Telltale has released only storyled games lately like “Minecraft”,” The Walking Dead”, “Game of Thrones”, and “Tales from the Borderlands”.  But it seems that they are trying to go in a different direction with Seven Days to Die, a fully customizable, zombie survival video game.

Players have a lot of freedom in a competition where they must survive the zombie apocalypse any way they can. The story is not that deep, a zombie apocalypse breaks and the players must survive the hordes of zombies that rampage the Earth.

Telltale’s zombie survival will be available on consoles, also, as previously mentioned, there are a number of modes that are available to the players.

Craft and Explore

In this mode, players are free to explore any place they like. There are rich, huge, and unique environments in the game that offer the players the chance of wondering about, defending themselves from zombie hoards while crafting different items of clothing, tools, armors, vehicles, and weapons. This is sort of the “hunter-gatherer” mode.


This is for the zombie apocalypse architects out there. The game offers you the possibility of building a shelter from scratch or taking over a pre-existing construction or ruin. The player is able to design a fortress that will keep al zombies at bay. And since there is a lot of room for imagination, the players being able to destroy and mold as they wish, then anything is possible. Including lawnmowers and treadmills in front of the doors.

Compete or Cooperate

The players have the opportunity of splitting the screen and playing in co-op or against each other. There is also an online co-op feature that supports up to eight players in a single game.


Remember that option in Age of Mythology when you were able to start from scratch? Design the grass, choose the buildings, even the scary monsters that populated the land? This option will let you use your imagination any way you like, designing the perfect zombie apocalypse, or the worst nightmare of Hollywood producers.


As the title suggests, this mode is made for those who want to improve their skills in a wide array of passive and active discipline.

Telltale’s zombie survival will be available on consoles starting this June.

Image source: YouTube

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