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Temporary Tech Tattoos Monitor Your Health

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(Mirror Daily, United States) – Temporary tech tattoos monitor your health for those who dislike the discomfort of wearing fitness trackers on their wrists. We have only just begun getting accustomed to the health trackers such as Fitbit, Jawbone, or Apple Watch. Now, a company presented an alternative way of keeping a close watch on your health.

Chaotic Moon developed an interesting new technology called “Tech Tats”. And they’re very much what they sound like, temporary tattoos that are painted on your skin, with the electronic twist.  Those components will successfully keep track of your health status, including temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, and stress rate.

The fitness tracker will essentially become part of you.

“Tech Tats” are made with the use of an electroconductive  paint in addition to the small ATiny85 microcontroller. It will be placed on your skin like any other sort of body art, and then it will send all your data to its companion app on your smartphone. Or a person of your choosing, such as your doctor for one. It will essentially fulfill the tasks of a fitness tracker that might be relevant to a yearly doctor’s visit.

According to the company’s CEO, Ben Lamm, these “biowearables” could actually save you the time and potential cost of clinic visits. With a simple application, all that important data could be sent directly to your doctor. All that is needed is to wear them for a couple of hours, if not longer should you wish.

The tattoos do not interfere with any day to day activities, as it’s not longer the chunky gadget around your wrist. Instead, it’s a thin drawing across your skin that may be easily hidden underneath your clothes. Or placed up for display, should you wish. There are hundreds if not more ways it could be turned into an aesthetically pleasing design, a cyberpunk body art that might actually look appealing.

According to Lamm, this will be the “low-interference, low-cost, and low-hassle alternative” to fitness trackers that imply a gadget wrapped around your wrist. It can have numerous uses that go beyond sparing you a doctor’s visit or looking overall futuristic etched on your skin.

It could have potential uses in parents tracking down their children or monitoring their health from afar. Even more, “Tech Tats” could have an use in military, where soldiers wearing them will be easily monitored. It will aid in determining  their health, stress levels, and possible injuries or poison levels.

It could also function as a wallet, to become one with your skin instead of needing to carry around the traditional accessories that are vulnerable to theft.

Chaotic Moon is currently in talks with partners of bringing their technology to the market, but for now, “Tech Tats” are just in the prototype stage.

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