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Testosterone Supplements Can Be Dangerous for Health • Mirror Daily

Bodybuilders and athletes tend to use an inappropriate dosage of testosterone supplements.

(Mirror Daily, United States) The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has recently issued a new warning concerning the consumption of testosterone supplements. The officials are trying to raise awareness on the adverse effects of the substances, such as heart attacks, infertility and even change in mood and personality. Specialists also explain that people who use them tend to take large doses.

The official notice was released at the beginning of the week, on Monday. It holds valid for testosterone supplements and other substances with similar effects, such as anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS). Many men in the United States use them to improve their health, body image, and libido.

There are several health advantages and medical conditions that require testosterone supplements and related substances. Doctors prescribe them to boys who show signs of delayed puberty. They are also quite useful in treating some aspects associated with AIDS and cancer, such as muscle loss.

However, the warning from FDA is concerned with adult Americans who use the substances at an abusive rate. Regardless of the form (either pills, shots or gels), people who use an excessive dosage of testosterone supplements are exposed to health risks. Specialists are especially concerned about professional bodybuilders and athletes, who tend to boost their sports performance with the help of the drugs.

Health specialists explain that athletes and people who use this type of overdoses are exposed to both physic and mental health risks. The excessive substances affect people’s hearts and can lead to failure. Other important organs, such as the liver and the brain can be affected too.

As far as mental health and risks on the brain are concerned, the specialists warn that people who take inappropriate amounts of testosterone supplements are prone to depression. They can also feel extremely tired, but, at the same time, experiencing insomnia. Sleep deprivation can further lead to a series of states, such as irritability, lack of concentration and a generally bad mood.

Although men use testosterone supplements in order to increase their libido, the substances can also make them infertile. In addition to this, they also affect their endocrine system.

In light of all the health risks examined by specialists, officials intend to revise the current regulations on the use, administration and prescription of testosterone supplements and other similar substances. Statistics show that there are millions of men in the United States who use them. Hence they are exposed to the risks.

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