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Texas Grandmother Delivers Her Own Granddaughter

Mother, grandmother, and (grand)daughter

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Giving birth can be one of the greatest joys in a woman’s life, if she’s to ignore the ‘many hours of insufferable pain’ part. But when you can’t deliver, modern world has made it so that you still can have children. In one of the weirdest examples of modern ART techniques, a Texas grandmother delivers her own granddaughter.

Kelley and Aaron McKissack wanted desperately to have a baby, but nature just wasn’t on their side. After multiple attempts at conceiving, attempts which all terminated in miscarriages, as well as after extensive rounds of unsuccessful fertility treatments, the couple finally gave up on Kelley delivering.

However, they did not give up on having a child of their own, and adoption was not an option for the Texan couple; so, they did what any rational couple would do, and decided to have Kelley’s mother deliver the baby for them.

Presumably not wanting to involve anyone outside the family except for the press and various teams of medics in their whole pregnancy situation, the two McKissacks continued Kelley’s infertility treatments, and eventually approached Kelley’s mother, Tracey, to see if she would deliver their baby for them.

The woman did not hesitate for a second.

After going through the necessary preparations, and after waiting for the embryo developed from her daughter’s egg and her son-in-law’s sperm to be ready, Tracey Thompson became artificially inseminated at the age of 54.

Despite the woman’s strict adherence to the necessary lifestyle changes implied by a pregnancy, the term was unfortunately not devoid of complications.

A C-section had to be performed urgently, as the baby’s heart stopped at point during the delivery process. Besides that, the 6 pound 11 ounces (grand)daughter was born without any other health complications.

The mother and the grandmother decided to name the baby after both of them, because family reunions could apparently still get more awkward for little baby Kelcey.

The McKissack family wanted to make their story know to the press (again, because it wasn’t already awkward enough), as they felt that the whole world should know about the miracles offered by ART therapies.

Of course, despite the slightly mocking tone of this article, what happened to the McKissack family was actually a huge blessing for them.

After Kelley suffered three miscarriages, the last one on Christmas Day in 2014, the family decided to go with someone they actually trusted; everything was done with the child’s best intentions in mind.

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