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Thanksgiving Leftovers Should Not Be Given To Pets

Certain meals should not be shared.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – With the holidays incoming, the Humane Society warns that Thanksgiving leftovers should not be given to pets as they could be potentially harmful to the critters. Be it dogs or cats, it’s likely that they will be lurking around and making those big eyes begging for food. And, as animal lovers, most of us have the tendency to cave.

Thanksgiving is marked by both family and copious amounts of food placed on the table. For a majority of the population, making more than needed is a habit. Some ends up in the trash, while other meals would be given to pets in order to not go to waste. However, for certain dishes, that could be a mistake, and it’s highly recommended to avoid sharing them with cats or dogs.

According to the Humane Society, adding holiday food to your pet’s diet is what causes an upsurge in illnesses for the animals during these time of the year. The practice might leave animals sick or could potentially even be fatal if not careful. Most owners believe that its safe for their precious animal members of their family to indulge in holiday meals as well.

The non-profit organization dealing in animal wellbeing begs to differ, and placed out a warning.

Multiple means can risk a dog or a cat’s health should the owner give into their cravings and begging eyes. That begins with the first obvious choice, bones. Ham bones have an excessive content of sodium, which may cause digestive problems for both cats and dogs. Turkey or poultry bones are potentially worse. They break off easily, and little bits could become stuck in your pet’s throat or esophagus.

The small poultry bones could also puncture their intestines and stomach, or cause suffocation, which could be fatal.

Stomach pains in pets could also be caused by turkey fat, and mashed potatoes cooked with butter and milk. It’s tempting to spice up their favorite foods with a bit of fat, but it may also be damaging.

Several others, such as pumpkin dishes, sugary treats, stuffing, and gravy have diarrhea as a consequence, along with other dangerous ingredients such as raw onions, garlic, mushrooms, or peppers. They could create a wide range of issues for your pet, including vomiting or may also be fatal.

The organization has also warned against feeding pets cinnamon as it could lead to liver problems, walnuts or macadamia nuts which can cause central nervous system damage, and grapes or raisins as they may lead to potentially lethal kidney problems. It’s highly important that pet owners properly check what is safe to feet their dogs or cats.

Dogs are omnivores, cats are carnivores, and it’s as easy as that. If pet owners wish to allow them to celebrate the holiday, they are encouraged to perhaps just buy fancier meals that are specific to their needs.

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