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Thanksgiving Should Not Be The Only Day To Show Gratitude

Gratitude could improve your life.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – It’s around the holidays that these feelings are most expressed, but Thanksgiving should not be the only day to show gratitude  as it may provide with excellent benefits throughout your entire life. There are religious beliefs as well as scientific reasons why it’s an important factor.

It’s more than offering it to others, it also has implications that would benefit you as well. Spiritually and physically, it has been deemed as a highly effective way of enjoying life more and becoming optimistic. It might actually improve health and general lifestyle of those who practice it.

Thanksgiving is one of the holidays that encourages gratitude and thankfulness for all we have. It’s an unfortunately common mistake that people tend to forget the little things, and only miss them when they’re gone. It’s often that regret and guilt take over because of the lack of gratitude toward something we’ve lost. Be it the death of a loved one or coming down with an illness, some small things are unfortunately forgotten.

And that is the tragic condition of man, or at least it’s the case for most.

Religions, scientists, and philosophers encouraged everyone by example to express gratitude. It must be practiced daily, be it toward a person or deity, or just a simple appreciation of the present. According to Dr. Aarush Manchanda, who is a cardiologist from Cedar City Heart Clinic, gratitude is important because it breeds optimism and hope.

It has been said numerous times that the “brain runs the body”. By expressing gratitude, being happy and optimistic may actually have physical benefits in terms of health. Even more, those who are thankful have proven to be more active, eating healthier, exercising more regularly, and sleeping better. It promotes happiness, relaxation, and higher amounts of energy. And, it can be easily achieved.

By reaping the benefits of gratitude, the healthier lifestyle can also help boost the immune system. Reportedly, those who are grateful tend to take care of themselves better.

Dr. Manchanda encourages people to integrate gratitude in their lives, and practice it daily. The holidays are a perfect reminder, but it’s just one of the many, and should normally be mirrored in every day-to-day life. The benefits are “immeasurable” on both a spiritual and physical side that might be more convincing for most.

Giving thanks, or just something simple as showing appreciation, could have excellent benefits to your life. It’s not and should not be an Thanksgiving-exclusive deal. It should be year around, as it promotes health, optimism, hope, healing, and relaxation.

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