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The All Time Weight Loss New Year Resolution

The most popular New Year resolution remains losing weight

(Mirror Daily, United States) – We reach once again the day of the year in which we decide what we’ll do next year so let’s talk about the all time weight loss New Year resolution.

Somehow it happens that many of us have the same New Year resolution every year and that is to lose weight. Of course we might have some other ideas as well, but in most cases it all goes down to this.

Some people might consider it a selfish and superficial resolution but since for many people losing weight equals becoming healthier, it isn’t superficial at all. However, it does bring a lot of money to fitness clubs and weight-loss clinics and even to tech companies which sell gadgets that act as fitness trackers.

According to a research firm, gyms gain about $30 billion annually; sporting goods stores about $100 billion; nutrition services $12 billion and studios for yoga and pilates about $9 billion. Given these numbers I’d say we really tend to stick to our New Year’s weight-loss resolutions. But if we do so, how come we’ll have the same resolution next year?

Of course, we could blame the holiday season for this. After all we spend Thanksgiving and Christmas eating all sorts of delicious meals which are usually also full of fat or sugar. However, many people have to admit having weight problems even before the holidays.

One of the reasons we keep on making the same New Year resolution is that although Americans spend so much money on losing weight, most of us spend it in one place only. There are still few people who understand that being healthy and losing weight means leading a healthy lifestyle, which doesn’t only mean diet or sport. It means doing both of them plus some other extra things.

Besides being careful about what you eat, avoiding junk-food, fats and sugar, but still having a balanced diet, you also have to drink – water, of course. You have to keep your body hydrated with water, tea and fresh juices, since all of these have few calories.

Another thing you should keep in mind is that having a balanced diet also means eating at the right moment, without skipping meals or waking up in the middle of the night for a snack. And speaking about waking up, you should also get enough sleep.

Add sports to all of the above, and next year you might be able to think of another resolution or simply wish to maintain your weight instead of losing pounds.

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