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The Bermuda Triangle Mystery Is Not Solved • Mirror Daily

This could be a reasonable explanation of the Bermuda Triangle effect.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Between the Bahamas, the Bermuda Islands, and Miami there is the well-known Bermuda Triangle. This is a patch of the Atlantic Ocean that has 500,000 sq km and its mystery has not been solved yet. The Bermuda Triangle is known for the weird and unsolved disappearances of ships, yachts, and aircraft that passed through that area and were never found again.

Like in any other mystery, people start to ask questions and to make up stories that seem more like conspiracy theories. For example, some people believe that the disappearances are happening because they are linked with alien activity. Others think that the people who pass near that area are being taken to the lost Atlantis. Some of the theories contain at least a bit of reason, like the one that says that the methane gas along with other gasses may be the ones responsible for sinking the ships.

A recent theory also tries to shed some light on this mystery. Scientists now believe that the one responsible is a hexagonal cloud formation, the clouds causing extreme weather conditions. These extreme weather phenomenons are the ones that make the planes and ships disappear.  The air bombs, also known as hexagonal clouds, could make the wind speed increase with more than 170 miles/hour. This could be a reasonable explanation of the Bermuda Triangle effect.

This air bombs could also come down and hit the ocean surface with a massive force. This can sink very big ships because of the high waves that the air bombs produce.

This comes after, in March, some scientists said that they made a new discovery, some big craters. Many people think that some explosions that happen once the ship passes the Bermuda Triangle is responsible for the craters too.

Despite the fact that many people joke and make up stories about the Bermuda Triangle, the disappearances are real and have caused 1000 deaths in the last century. The first time Bermuda triangle was mentioned was by Christopher Columbus which said that there were some peculiar lights in that area. The most “important” disappearance was during World War II when almost 20 American bombers lost their life in the Bermuda Triangle.

What is your opinion about Bermuda Triangle? Do you think that there is a rational explanation for what is happening there?

Image source: Flickr

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