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The “Chicken Nugget Cleanse” Should Replace the Smoothie Diet

The whole craze started after the fast-food chain tried to recommend to the customers the healthier grilled nuggets.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – According to the Chick-fil-A fast-food place, the “Chicken Nugget Cleanse” should replace the smoothie diet that has taken over the hearts of healthy living Americans. The whole craze started when the fast-food restaurant printed a couple of healthy living tips on its bags, alongside some food recommendations.

The Chick-fil-A chain was just trying to help the American customers that were trying to live a healthier life when it printed out the healthy living tips on its paper bags. According to them, people that want to lose weight should satisfy their hunger with smaller meals more frequently (once every three hours). Alongside this useful tip, the fast-food added that the small meals could consist of a portion of eight grilled chicken nuggets.

This is when hilarity ensued. The piece of information went viral and people started calling the new dietary recommendation from Chick-fil-A the “Chicken nugget cleanse”, the diet above all other diets.

It is a well-known fact that nutritionists recommend to the people that want to lose weight to eat smaller and more frequently, but they surely don’t mean that individuals that are trying to live a healthier life should go to fast-food every three hours.

Most probably the advice that the Chick-fil-A wanted to give to its customers was to fill one of those small, frequent meals with a portion of 8 grilled chicken nuggets, not to eat only that particular type of food. Plus, the restaurant was trying to advertise their grilled nuggets, the much healthier version of the deep fried nuggets that are very popular among the fast-food customers.

According to the nutritionists, a diet consisting solely of small grilled chicken nuggets portions eaten every three hours would, probably, lead to weight loss, but the results would be temporary and the body would be deprived of a lot of essential nutrients that come from other types of food, such as fruits and vegetables.

People magazine went further than the nutritionists did and actually calculated just how much a person would spend when decided to engage in the “Chicken Nugget Cleanse”. It seems that it wouldn’t be cheap at all, a person having to spend $23 a day and a shocking $700 per month, just for chicken nuggets.

And while the restaurant did manage to get some free publicity out of the “Chicken Nugget Cleanse”, people should appreciate the fact that the restaurant, and a fast-food one, mind you, actually made the extra effort and printed out some healthy living tips on its bags, making customers aware of the possible health issues.

Nutritionists recommend that people maintain a healthy diet that includes lots of fruit, vegetables, whole grains and daily physical exercise.

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