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The Dark Energy Survey Confirms Our Theories About the Universe • Mirror Daily

The Dark Energy Survey revealed what we knew about the universe was right

(Mirror Daily, United States) – For the Dark Energy Survey, scientists managed to put up a map of dark matter in the universe, and discovered we were right about it. This means the universe is constantly expanding and forming clumps just how we thought. The advanced technology allowed them to capture photos of light coming from faraway galaxies, and get a broad picture of how the universe should look like.

The survey got a broader image of dark energy

Researchers conducted a five-year survey where they managed to understand more about dark energy in space. This happened since they acquired a more advanced technology which let them study more of the happenings in the universe.

The new method they used sounds quite simple, but it helped them gather all the information they needed. They put a 570-megapixel camera on top of a big telescope placed in the mountains in Chile. Then, they took photos of light which came across the universe from long distances, sometimes as far back as 7 billion light-years away.

The results back up previous theories about the expansion of the universe

They called it the Dark Energy Camera, and it started snapping photos in 2012. So far, they captured light coming from 26 million galaxies, and learned how everything in the universe changed in the past 7 billion years.

This is about half of the age of the universe, but the method looked at the more recent half. A previous method had the Planck telescope analyze the origins of the universe, while the new survey looked at what came afterwards.

What scientists discovered so far matched the models and predictions they had made until they came up with this analysis method. It might not sound so exciting to find out what we already were aware of, but it’s good to see there’s evidence to support previous theories.
Image Source: Flickr

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