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The Division Game Review • Mirror Daily

The Division tries to mimic real life situations, so the gadgets and weaponry have real equivalents.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – A post-apocalyptic scenario, a team of sleepers, fighting to end the mayhem that engulfed the Big Apple, features that make you want to lose some serious sleep while fighting to stop the spread of a deadly virus and key cut scenes and world-building. This is The Division game review.

If a secret organization wants to release a deadly virus that will ultimately eradicate humankind, the best place to start is New York. And what better time than Black Friday? It’s like people are gathering in large masses and asking to be attacked. And as players were able to test here, an airborne virus spreads easily and efficiently.

But the government always has a plan prepared, so there are a few people out there that were injected with dormant cells that attack and contain the virus, keeping the members of the Division safe from infection. These are the brave men and women that will ultimately save humankind from being destroyed by the deadly weapon.

In order for the players to put two and two together and create a complete infection scenario, they will have to find various sources of information. Cell phones that still display a distress text, footage from surveillance cameras, laptops that have enough battery in them to let you play an audio snippet and then shut down, and, the public’s favorites, holographic scenes that reenact particular scenes are scattered around the Big Apple.

Not taking Tom Clancy’s name in vain, the available weapons are either already in the hands of American troops or in those of the gun developers. There aren’t any futuristic, physics-bending weaponry, even though the action apparently takes place in the future. But not such a distant one seeing as Black Friday still gathered a lot of people in actual shops, and not on-line.

But there are several modifications to the gaming experience. For example, the player is able to move rather smoothly (of course, the PC you use is a crucial variable), but they are not able to perform crouched walking or go prone.

The best thing about The Division is that it imitates life perfectly. As opposed to other RPGs, you can shoot blindly and actually hit something while doing so. So in your retreat or your cover fire you can score additional points without breaking too much sweat.

Abilities are gained after areas of the safe house are build. In order to do so, you must complete missions. And besides loot, equipment and XP you gather points that you can spend in security, medicine or tech.

Each one of these comes with special features, but the character is pretty fluid, so there isn’t a restriction of playing a single role throughout the game.

All in all, the Division is a solid video game, with exceptional features that are better discovered by players. There are a lot of spoilers in other reviews so if you’re the kind of gamer who likes his experience untarnished, just hit the gaming platform of your choosing.

The Division game review could fill countless of pages, but players only need to know one thing. It’s as good as they promised and more.

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