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The Division Will Not Feature P2W or Microtransactions • Mirror Daily

The Division takes place in a post-apocalyptic New York.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Natchai Stappers, the community manager at Ubisoft has confirmed via Twitter that The Division will not feature P2W or microtransactions. This is one of the best news yet as there were a lot of rumors floating around about Phoenix Credits, an in-game currency system.

Ubisoft is trying really hard to focus all of its attention on The Division for the moment. As there are only eight more days until the game is officially launched, players are starting to get anxious and all sorts of rumors are surfacing.

One of these rumors revolved around the in-game currency system. Players believed that the Phoenix Credits were available for purchase thus allowing the P2W (when players pay for in-game features in order to win the game) option.

But Natchai Stappers put a stop to all of the rumors twitting that The Division will not feature P2W or microtransactions.

It seems that the Phoenix Credits indeed exist, but they will be achieved with hard gaming rather than intensive shopping.

Ubisoft has not released any official statements about the role of the Phoenix Credits. But fans have just a little more waiting to do as Tom Clancy’s latest installment will be launched on the 8th of March for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The open-world first-person shooter is highly marketed by Ubisoft. They even launched a sort of teaser that personalizes the beginning of the game for each player.

If you hadn’t had a chance of seeing how many days it would take you to sicken the entire world with your unknown breed of smallpox, you can check out the incredibly geographic accurate simulation here.

Also, Ubisoft has released an extensive trailer last month in which the company initiated players in all the new skills that The Division will feature. The basic skills were security, technology and medical and each featured a ton of great weaponry and all sorts of special attributes.

The Division will not feature P2W or microtransactions. This is extremely good news as there will not be random players with ultimate superpowers able to kill you with a sneeze just because they wanted to pay extra and experience a significantly easier game action.

The latest installment in the Tom Clancy franchise has been long awaited by fans everywhere. The beta-testers were extremely pleased with the map that they were able to test, and the overall gameplay is very well constructed.

For those of you who didn’t have the chance of checking out the Beta reviews, you can take a peek at the video below.

Image source: YouTube

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