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The Emoji Keyboard, For People Who Want To Give Up Writing • Mirror Daily

Emojis for everyone, with the new special keyboard

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Tired of typing? You think it’s too much for your precious fingers? Here is the emoji keyboard, for people who want to give up writing.

Do you want to quite writing like a bad habit? Great, than this is the solution for you. Just like one of those bad ads from sci-fi movies set in the future when our planet is full of fat people who can’t even walk properly anymore, the emoji keyboard is here to bring our darkest dreams to life.

Yes, it’s right up there with the self-stirring mug, because twirling the spoon twice in your coffee is too much exercise, apparently. The emoji keyboard is a full QWERTY keyboard that acts like an emoji one as well. It costs 100 dollars and it looks like Hello Kitty threw up on it.

Of course, its concept and the way it works are simple, because let’s face it, it needs to be simple. You want to give up writing, let us make that as easy for you as possible. So you attach it to your device as you would a normal one and you can use it either as a classic keyboard with letters and numbers or as the emoji one. It’s so easy you even have a button, on the right of your space bar, which says “emoji option” in bright red. So you don’t even need to make any system adjustments. You just press that button and there you go – emojis galore. If you don’t know what galore means, maybe you shouldn’t buy the emojis keyboard and stick to the classic.

The number of emojis you can access will depend on the model of keyboard you choose. It goes as follows: Standard with 47, Plus with 94, Pro 120. The keyboard is compatible with Windows and iOS via Bluetooth.

It is obviously intended for Apple users. The keyboard is dead on in appearance to the Apple wireless one, except that where the Apple one has aluminium, the emoji keyboard has plastic. Yes, this really makes it classy. Other than that, the emojis it employs are the iOS ones. Nobody knows yet how the people over at Apple feel about all this, given the fact that the company does own copyright over the design of the emojis. And they should, as they made them themselves.

The wondrous device is now up for pre-order. The standard costs $80, the Plus $90 and the Premium $100. So hurry up and get yours before all the other 12 year old girls.

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