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The Grapevine Moth Is Not A Threat Anymore • Mirror Daily

The Grapevine moth feeds mostly on grapes

(Mirror Daily, United States) The Grapevine moth has been completely eradicated from California, as the state officials inform. The European-origin insect is considered to be a pest, and it has been damaging grapevine crops for seven years.  The news came on Thursday.

The European grapevine moth was detected for the first time in the United States in 2009, in Napa County, and it rapidly spread into several counties. The farmers were very much concerned, as their wine is highly appreciated.

Authorities immediately started procedures of eradicating the insects and have been following the treatment for years. Now recent research shows that there is no sign of the European grapevine moth in their counties since June 2014, which is two years ago. This is clearly a victory for men defending their crops from the natural villains.

Karen Ross said on behalf of California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA):

“It is no easy feat to eradicate an invasive species, especially one like the European grapevine moth when it gains a foothold in a place as hospitable as California’s prime winegrape growing region, ” which proves that the authorities are well aware of the hard work when it comes to dealing with such situations.

Both the counties and the government spent money in order to fight the pest. In 2010, they even thought they would never get rid of the invaders in the grapevines, as the population of moths had reached 100,000 individuals in Napa County. Nevertheless, in 2014 their number dropped at 114 until it eventually went extinct.

The European grapevine moth comes from Italy, and experts and officials don’t know how the insect made it to the United States. It feeds not only on grapes but on other planets too. What the insect does is to hollow the fruits from inside, leaving them empty. Vineyard owners were even in quarantine because of the insect.

American vineyards are no longer threaten by the intrusive European Grapevine Moth. On the other hand, they may encounter other problems that could prevent them from having a good production. Even if that were the case, having defeated such a threat is a great accomplishment, and until any other thing intervenes, they can carry on with their business.

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