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The Internet Boils over Photographer’s Refusal to Take Pictures of Woman’s C-Section Surgery • Mirror Daily

Photographer who refused to snap pictures during womans’s C-Section Surgery enrages the Internet.

A rather unsavory comeback coming from a photographer enraged many women, mothers, and mothers-to-be on the Internet. After being approached concerning the perspective of snapping a few pictures during a C-Section surgery, the photographer refused his client, saying that a C-Section is not birth but a surgery and that he does not want to be a part of it.

Having a photographer to take a few snapshots when you’re about to give birth is not that uncommon. Remember when handheld cameras first became commercially available and mothers-to-be asked their husbands to record them giving birth? Well, it would seem that this developed into a full-blown business, with literally thousands of people offering their service during the grand event.

However, a woman from the United States wanted to stay ahead of the crowd and decided to approach a photographer for a most unusual request. As the woman declared, she will soon deliver her first baby via a C-Section.

To this end, she thought about hiring a photographer to stand beside her in the operating room and immortalize the moment on celluloid. Of course, after reading the woman’s most unusual request, the photographer bluntly declined, telling her that a C-Section is not a birth but a surgery and that he does not wish to bear witness to such an event.

Enraged by his answer, the woman posted the entire conversation on her social media account, with a tag which reads “#stopmomshamming.” Naturally, the expectant mother’s post attracted lots of attention and, very soon, many women and mothers left dozens of comments.

Some of them wanted to know the name of the photographer who had the gall to turn down the woman’s request. Of course, most of the comments were riddled with a stop mom shaming rhetoric.

So, was is really mom shaming or is there more to this story? Before jumping to conclusions, we need to keep in mind that surgery, no matter its nature, is never something pleasant. It just might well be that the photographer did not want to see a woman’s abdomen cut in half with blood pouring over the operating table.

We need to understand that taking pictures of a natural birth can be less graphic than taking pictures during a C-Section surgery during which the patient’s t abdominal cavity is entirely exposed. And maybe it’s for the best not to see what you look like on the inside.

Image source: Wikipedia

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