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The New Way to Wi-Fi: OnHub Router Gets Google On Companion App • Mirror Daily

It’s no surprise that Google has chosen to expand in the business of Wi-Fi routers, as announced by the search behemoth a little earlier this month. Their high-tech router called OnHub may have come out of the blue, but plenty of the company’s fans are beyond the moon regarding its features.

With 13 antennas and great broadband speed, the OnHub shines the best when it comes to the way it supposedly performs. Speed problems often occur with most routers nowadays, as they are scheduled to search for least crowded wireless channel only when they are restarted.

But not with the OnHub router, which is designed to perform a scan every 5 minutes and switch to the least congested wireless channel. This practice should offer users – at least in theory – the fastest Internet possible, any day, every day.

Ever had trouble setting up your router? Fidgeting with the instruction manual and trying to figure out which cable goes where is never pleasant. That’s why Google seems to finally come up with a new vision, designing the OnHub router to come with an accompanying app.

A lot of the people who have already ordered an OnHub router are expecting to receive the device any day now, so the announcement of the Google On app is as timely as it could be. Already hitting the Google Play Store around the world, the app is supposedly a virtual assistant that helps you get around the OnHub’s settings.

According to Google, the companion app can help you set up the OnHub in just a few minutes, assist with simple steps for troubleshooting when your Wi-Fi connection is too slow, and test your router’s connection speed by running a network check.

Additionally, sharing your network password with family and friends has become really easy, as well as changing the settings as you wish. If you’re not at home, Google On allows you to remotely provide assistance.

Basically, the app addresses essentially every aspect of your OnHub router – all packed in an intuitive interface that anyone can use it. The OnHub is still available for ordering, and if you have $199 lying around and a desire to put behind the days of struggling with bad Internet connection, now is your time.

If you don’t own/want to own an OnHub, you can still head over to the Google Play Store and download the companion app to see how it works, but it won’t do you much good without the actual product.
Image Source: CNET

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