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The North Pole Temperatures Higher With 50 Degrees Than Normal • Mirror Daily

One of the reasons for these warm temperatures is the storm that brings warm air to the North Pole.

(Mirror Daily, United States)- Climate change is striking again. Despite the fact that in a few days Christmas is coming, at the North Pole the temperature is a lot warmer than it should be. Santa might need to find another suit because it is too hot out there for him. The temperatures are under the freezing point by just a bit which is way too warm for the North Pole in December.

While for other parts of the world 32 degrees Fahrenheit might seem like a normal weather for the North Pole is almost like it was summer. Normally these should be with about 50 degrees less in order to have a December temperature.

This, of course, is causing the sea ice to melt. This is really concerning because the ice coverage in the Arctic has dropped so much in the last year. The warm temperatures have been melting the sea ice in the North Pole all year and scientists were hoping that in December and January the sea ice recovers a bit. This is not going to happen if the temperatures continue to be the same.

This is not the first year the Arctic’s temperatures are way too high for this time of year. Last year there was the same problem and it was even worse than the one predicted this year. Last year the temperatures passed the melting point. This is a phenomenon that doesn’t happen in the Artic, especially in December.

One of the reasons for these warm temperatures is the storm that brings warm air to the North Pole. Scientists are concerned about the fact that this is the second December in a row when the temperatures in the Arctic are too warm. They are worried that the sea ice might melt even earlier that predicted.

These events are causing the loss of habitats for many polar animals. The ones that are the most affected are the polar bears which are already on the verge of extinction. All of these problems are caused by the effects of climate change.

What is your opinion about the temperatures that are now in the Arctic? Do you think that the temperatures are going to get back to normal?

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