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The Picky Eater Behavior Is Promoted by Genes, Not by Parents • Mirror Daily

Researchers found two genes which control picky eating

(Mirror Daily, United States) – A recent study has revealed why you shouldn’t blame your kids for refusing to eat vegetables. It seems it’s not their fault that they don’t like healthy foods, but their genes dictate them what to eat and not to eat. Researchers managed to identify two gene mutations which influence the picky eater behavior.

It’s not parents who are to blame for a child’s picky eating behavior

Many parents blame themselves for their children’s diet, and keep trying to talk them into eating more fruits and vegetables. However, they shouldn’t feel like they failed in their mission as parents if they cannot convince the little ones to eat healthier.

A recent study published in the Journal of Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics identified two genes related to picky eating. The first one, TAS2R38, leads to a predilection for a lack of diversity in a diet, while the second one, CA6, influences a chaotic behavior during meals. Therefore, it’s in the children’s genetics to be extremely picky with the food, and to select it according to its aspect, smell, or taste.

Genes keep a child from trying new foods

Several gene variants lead to a higher sensitivity to bitter tastes in young children. This leads to the children refusing to eat certain vegetables which their parents see as healthy. Therefore, it’s genetics, not bad upbringing, which keeps kids from eating broccoli. However, if children refuse to try some new foods, and keep eating the same unhealthy meals, they might develop serious health complications later in life.

Researchers collected samples of saliva from 153 preschool children, and then interviewed their parents regarding their breastfeeding habits, and the fussiness of their kids when it came to food. They are planning to analyze how the aspect influences these picky eating habits, but they found out quite a big information gap on the switch from milk to full meals, that the entire family can eat.
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