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The Pregnancy Test App Will Keep You Entertained

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(Mirror Daily, United States) – It appears that there’s almost literally an app for everything, as the pregnancy test app will keep you entertained through those dreadfully long three minutes of wait. The company, First Response, in partnership with Qualcomm understands the painful time idling in wait.

While three minutes might not seem a long time, it is when your future will be revealed after them.

That is why the two companies have partnered up and designed the Pregnancy Pro test stick that is Bluetooth-enabled. It arrives with a companion app that will be there with you through the difficult moments. It will also have three options, to entertain, educate, or calm. Whichever you choose, the app available for Android or iOS devices means to make those three minutes go by faster.

The basics of the test remain the same. The stick will still require a urine sample, and the waiting time is not decreased. At the beginning of the test, the app will ask you a series of questions on whether you’re actively trying to get pregnant, and when was the first day of your last menstrual cycle. Naturally, given its increased price, it might be a better option for those who wish for a positive result.

All the features are tailor-made for women who want to get pregnant.

After the urine sample is provided, the countdown will begin, and the app will offer its three options to pass the time. The ‘Educate Me’ option will offer information on the process, ‘Entertain Me’ will show funny videos from Buzzfeed, while the ‘Calm Me’ option will instruct you upon soothing breathing techniques and relaxing images. The app will find a way to help through the most stressful part.

The most useful feature, however, is what happens after the results are in. If the test is positive, the app will offer to estimate how far along future mother is, prompting to confirm results with the doctor, and other information on the process. It will become the mother’s pregnancy tracker for the next nine months.

However, if the results are negative, the app will change its tune. It will continue with a string of questions about diet and habits, providing efficient advice on how to assure better chances of conceiving a child. It will be tailored specifically to the prospective mother.

Like most other pregnancy sticks, the Bluetooth-enabled Pregnancy Pro can offer results that are 99% accurate only 6 days after missing your menstrual cycle. However, the entertainment and tracker combo does not come at a cheap price. One unit costs between $15 and 22$, and it’s not reusable. That means the price is higher than the average 3-pack available in stores.

It does come with a few fancy features, and an app that will help you throughout the pregnancy. Perhaps some will choose not to skimp on such an important test.

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