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The Quadruple Murderer Might Have Been Helped, Prosecutors, Say • Mirror Daily

Police officers have continued to look into the case of the recently arrested suspect, Darron Dellon Dennis Wint, who was involved in the killing of Savopoulos family and their housekeeper. The quadruple murder might have been helped, prosecutors say after examining the latest pieces of evidence in the case.

Darron Dellon Dennis Wint, 34, was at first mistakenly identified by police officers as Daron Dylon Wint, but further investigations have helped authorities discover his real name. According to their declaration, the man could not have carried out the quadruple murder in Washington D.C. on his own. Thus, there are great chances that the male killer might have been helped by at least five other individuals, whose identity remains for the moment undisclosed.

Wint’s first court appearance took place on Friday afternoon, where judges have ruled that the man will remain in custody during investigations. Up until now, evidence has clearly pointed out that Wint is the main culprit in the assassination of the Savopoulos, the CEO of American Iron Works and his family.

The torture and assassination of the family lasted for two days, so investigators are convinced the male aggressor was helped by other individuals involved in the case. Savopoulos, his wife, his 10-year-old son and their housekeeper appear to have been held against their will and tortured for more than one day. Evidence indicates that the incident occurred on May 13 at around 6 P.M., whereas the house was set on fire the next day, on May 14 at 1:244 P.M.

When the fire was first noticed in the wealthy neighborhood, there was little left to be done to save the victims. Firefighters have stated that the housekeeper, Veralicia Figueroa, was found alive and immediately taken to the hospital. Unfortunately, her condition was too bad and the woman past away shortly after her arrival at the hospital.

Wint was arrested on Thursday evening after investigators have found his DNA on the crust of a Domino pizza. They managed to trace the man to a motel in Maryland where he was arrested while hiding in one of the vehicles in the parking lot. Police officers told the press that the man was with five other individuals, three women and two men when he was arrested. The latter have not yet been linked to the murder.

The motive of the quadruple murder has not yet been discovered, but officers have strong reasons to believe that the man was looking for vengeance and possibly to steal money from the wealthy CEO. Close sources to the family have declared that Savopoulos had $40,000 in the house at the time of the incident. Wint had $10,000 in his possession when he was arrested.

The culprit had reportedly worked for American Iron Works where he met Savopoulos for the first time. The man was fired as a result of his improper conduct; he then, made a display of his violent behavior as he showed up at the company’s headquarter wearing a gun and threatening the personnel.

In spite of the powerful accusations that are brought against Darron Dellon Dennis Wint, his lawyer claims the client is innocent. He described Wint during the first court appearance as “kind, gentle, and non-aggressive”.

The family of the victims are relieved to see that the mystery of the quadruple murder is about to be solved. Their grief is still strong, but their worries have been appeased by the efforts that police authorities are making to restore the safety of their neighborhood.
Image Source: SMH

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