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The Real Hoverboard We Were Waiting For

ArcaBoard can hover 12 inches above the ground

(Mirror Daily, United States) – After the ‘hoverboard’ frenzy this Christmas, the Arca Space Corporation offers us the real hoverboard we were waiting for.

Both children and adults went into a frenzy this Christmas trying out their new hoverboard presents. Some people were quite unsuccessful in their attempt and ended up in need of medical care. But what they received as presents and what we call ‘hoverboards’ are not exactly hovering, are they? The device is on two wheels that touch the ground, and although your feet are not on the ground, it doesn’t really mean they’re hovering.

So, while everyone was getting excited about the hoverboards that don’t hover, Arca Space created a real one. Ironically though, they’re not calling it a hoverboard but simply the ArcaBoard. The reason is that they don’t want people to confuse their actually floating board with the two-wheeled ones.

Unlike the wannabe hoverboards which are rather small, the ArcaBoard is quite massive, but this makes sense given the fact that it should support and transport a person. It uses 35 electric ducted fans which have a maximum thrust of about 430 lbs. It can lift you up to 12 inches.

The ‘vehicle’ can go up to 12.5 mph and has a battery life of only six minutes tops. The battery life can differ based on how much the rider weighs. The lighter you are, the more you get to ride. If you weigh over 240lbs, the battery life will only last half or the maximum time.

Of course, some of you may be disappointed by the limited amount of time you get to spend in the air, but given that this is the first vehicle which resembles the ‘Back to the Future’ hoverboard we’ve all been dreaming about, I’d say we should give it a chance.

In case you don’t want to steer the board with your body, like you do with any other boards, you can even control it via a smartphone application. Although the battery life is short, it only takes 35 minutes to charge and get started again.

As we’ve already mentioned, the ArcaBoard is quite massive, with a size similar to a flatscreen TV – that is, when they first came out – and it cannot be carried by one person only.

The Arca Space Corporation is a 17 year old company funded by Romanian Dumitru Popescu and has its headquarters in New Mexico. The company has developed and worked with stratospheric balloons and rockets as well as drones. The ArcaBoard will be available at a price of $20.000.

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