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The Taco Cleanse Sounds Too Good To Be True

Vegan tacos might be the easiest detox for 2016

(Mirror Daily, United States) – The internet has gone crazy about it, and yet The Taco Cleanse sounds too good to be true for those who want to detox in 2016. But it does sound horribly tempting to chow down on nothing but tacos, cleanse your pallet, and potentially even lose weight. The image alone is enough to explain the craze around it.

Four self-proclaimed “taco scientists” wrote the book entitled “The Taco Cleanse”. It’s essentially a mix helpful guidelines toward a healthy cleanse and a delicious cook book. There is a twist though. It’s a filled strictly with vegan recipes, so you can rule out all those tasty meat and cheese filled tacos. No carnitas, seafood, barbacoa, or dairy. Instead, you can indulge in beans, tortillas, guacamole and numerous other ingredients.

The book actually offers 75 unique recipes that are said to completely cleanse your pallet. All those unhealthy food we’ve been munching on through the holidays will be out of your system. Instead, you will be left with the benefits of a “healthy taco”. Apparently, yes, there is such a thing.

The premise alone is enough of an explanation why the “taco cleanse” receives so much attention. The “tortilla-based diet proven to change your life” has been reportedly already tested by the four authors, Wes Allison, Stephanie Bogdanich, Molly R. Frisinger and Jessica Morris. According to them, all you have to do is eat vegan tacos for 30 days at every meal and your pallet will be cleansed.

The satire book also pokes a bit of fun at the normal strict diets that magazines praise and often do not work. It also has a helpful section of Q&A, such as “My grandma was confused and made me a burrito. I don’t want to hurt her feelings; what do I do?”. So, there’s an answer for every situation. You will be in good hands.

According to the authors, the book will teach you how to make your own tortillas along with the entirely healthy filling. This can range from delicious Portobello mushrooms to tater tots, vegan hotdogs, or whatever your heart desires. Of course, every single filling must abide by the most important rule: vegan.

Unsurprisingly, “The Taco Cleanse” has gained tremendous amounts of attention from social media, and even celebrities. Users posted their ‘morning taco’ as the most important part of the day. Celebrities such as Spencer Pratt and Patricia Lopez remarked on them on social media. Even more famous ones, such as actress Jennifer Aniston declared herself “riveted” and claimed that she has already ordered the book.

Equally unsurprising is that skepticism remains. The book tells us that corn tortilla is healthy. That means that carbs are not our enemies, which goes against every dietary teaching we have been taught.

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