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The Threat Of Toxic Blue Green Algae • Mirror Daily

Toxic blue-green algae hits Lake Erie.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Lake Erie seems to suffer lately because of the toxic blue-green algae. Officials are trying to find the best strategies and develop efficient programs that will be successful in dealing with this algal bloom.

According to Sean Ryan, State Assemblyman, this problem must be quickly contained so that the toxic algae will not have the chance to spread and affect Western New York and Buffalo as well. Unfortunately, this issue took its toll on Ohio already.

However, the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency is going to double its efforts to create new regulations and a good plan to tackle and prevent the spread of the toxic blue-green algae. Furthermore, Ohio farms will have to reduce the use of phosphorus on their land, but this is still not enough.

In addition to this, Ohio, Michigan, and Ontario promised to reduce phosphorus by 20 percent until 2020 and 40 percent until 2025

Phosphorus is a primary constituent for the toxic blue-green algae which has spread over the last few years in Lake Erie during summer. One drinking water plant in Toledo was closed in 2014 because of this problem.

Moreover, Buffalo relies on Lake Erie for the drinking water supplies. If this algal bloom doesn’t stop, many citizens will no longer be provided with drinking water. According to Jill Jedlicka, the executive director of Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper, it is impossible to depend on drinking water supplies which have an unhealthy source.

Toxic algal bloom is known to be a problem with which is hard to deal. Usually, the spread of the algae is stopped by sudden weather changes. For now, experts cannot predict at what extent this water ‘plague’ will affect the surrounding communities.

Both Lake Erie and the citizens depending on it have to suffer because of this problem. Fortunately, the toxic blue-green algae have not reached the shores of New York yet. The only bloom was spotted a few years ago, 90 miles away in Presque Isle Bay in Erie. Pa.

Experts advise people to stay away from the water. Most importantly children and dogs must be prevented from entering the water. It is known that the blue-green algae have a highly dangerous effect on dogs, most of the times, killing them. Hopefully, things will soon get better.

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