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The Truth Behind Self-Driving Car Technology • Mirror Daily

Google’s model of self-driving car. What do you think about this type of car technology?

(Mirror Daily, United States) Technology has been advancing in such a way that today we can talk about a wide variety of machines and robots which don’t need our help to work. Such is the case of self-driving cars, which stand as one of the remarkable achievements of the scientific community. However, there might be some risks about these smart machines. How safe are they?

Tech companies have recently had a meeting with the purpose of discussing the impact of artificial intelligence and all sorts of machines on our society. Are they helping us or do they stand as a threat?

A famous brand car, Mercedes-Benz, advertised for a self-driving car this summer. The model was an E-Class sedan. However, the description in the add seemed to be overrated, as owners realized that the car uses only some of the features of a self-driving vehicle.

The E-Class sedan displays options such as Drive Pilot, and it can take over the wheel in case the driver loses control or fails to apply the brake. These features help drivers avoid accidents. However, the Mercedes-Benz model is not a proper self-driving car. The company reconsidered the slogan advertising for the E-Class Sedan.

A few months ago, there was reported an accident involving an electric car. It was a Tesla Motors Inc model and its driver, a forty years old man in Ohio, died after crashing into a truck on the highway.

The accident raises questions about the self-driving car technology, about how safe it is and about how the vehicles interact with humans and other standard cars.

There are also self-driving buses. They have been implemented in Helsinki, the city capital of Finland. However, they are going through a trial. Also, they are small vehicles, with a capacity of only nine passengers, and run at low speeds. Officials think that they can only be used for short distances, an alternative means to crowded regular buses and trains at rush hours.

Japan and Dubai also find appealing this method of public transportation, namely self-driving buses.

All self-driving cars manufacturers are advised to design the devices carefully. Companies are also asked to provide the customers with proper information. Perhaps the technology still needs its details to be adjusted. After all, there are human lives involved.

Companies will never cease to run tests on their electric and self-driving cars. They want to make sure their customers will be safe. However, for the moment, people question the self-driving car technology. They tend to trust more the regular cars, which allows humans to control them.

Image courtesy of: Flickr

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