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'The Witness' New Trailer Boasts Gorgeous Scenery

The 3D open world puzzle game will launch January 26th, 2016

(Mirror Daily, United States) – The anticipation for the 3D open world puzzle game is already high, but the ‘The Witness’ new trailer boasts gorgeous scenery and displays the beautiful world. It will make for a spectacular environment to explore, and solve mind-boggling puzzles that are screenshot worthy.

‘The Witness’ is an upcoming 3D puzzle game that is created by Jonathan Blow and Thekla Inc., set to release next month. It has the player set in an open world in the form of an island, where they will have to solve puzzles to progress through the game. This will include visual aids as well as audio logs that will help the protagonist move on. It’s a beautifully crafted twist to the regular puzzle games.

According to the developers, ‘The Witness’ will have around 650 puzzles that are just waiting for a solution. However, not all are required to be solved in order to finish the game. Some of them will just add more flavor to the colorful 3D world.

Recently, a new trailer surfaced for the game that is as stunning visually as it is silent. It’s like a “long screenshot” where all we see is the world to explore and no hints of what’s coming. The textures are stunning, the island is colorful, and it sets the stage for the hundreds of puzzles. There’s a little more work to be done though, before it’s completed.

According to game designer Blow, they’re in the middle of doing a few more tweaks to the gameplay, including fixes and little details in sounds. They will be polishing the game up, ranging from collision effects and all sorts of situations that can happen during gameplay. However, visually, the game is done. What the trailer shows is what the final game will look like.

The stunning graphics will not suffer any changes from what is seen in the trailer. They will be working a little more on voices at the beginning of next year, before they will be ready to release the game on January 26th, 2016.

In addition, Blow stated that they are considering launching a physical copy of the game. However, this will arrive after the digital release, so players eager to get their hands on ‘The Witness’ might have to wait a little while longer. This is due to the fact that they’re still working on it, and want to polish the game’s details to perfection.

If they were to release both digital and physical copies simultaneously, they would have to either leave the game as it is now or delay both launch dates. According to Blow, they don’t like either option, so there is a chance that the physical copy will arrive at some point later on. Until then, those purchasing the digital copy will get the open world 3D puzzle game with the gorgeous visuals to explore.

It will launch PlayStation 4, PC, and iOS device. It could only be imagined how amazing it would look on a VR headset.

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