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There Is a First Aid Method for the Mind • Mirror Daily

People should be aware of the fact that mental issues are real medical problems, not a stigma.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – The Behavioral Health National Council announced that there is a First Aid method for the Mind. The mental CPR method has been developed as a part of a program meant to remove the stigma that is associated with mental illnesses.

There is a First Aid method for the mind and anybody who is interested can learn the basics. The Behavioral Health National Council has developed a certification program that features an 8-hour course which teaches the individuals who wish to participate how to identify symptoms, assess certain risk factors, support people that are in crisis and provide needed information about the nearest resource centers.

First Aid Mental Health is a program designed to teach the population how to ask the “Are you feeling OK?” question and how to recognize a person that is in need of mental CPR.

According to the studies that analyzed the First Aid Mental Health program developed by the Behavioral Health National Council, both the people who offer it and the people who benefit from it are experiencing an improved mental health.

One of these studies took a sample of 301 volunteers and analyzed their responses to people that suffer from mental conditions. It seems that the people who received the First Aid Mental Health training tended to offer their help toward the affected person and try to convince them to seek out professional help. They also showed a significantly decreased stigmatizing attitude towards a person that was suffering from a mental health illness.

The training that is provided in the First Aid Mental Health program is designed to reach both professionals that work with large numbers of people, like teachers and police officers, and people that only want to help a friend or a family member that is experiencing mental health issues.

Professionals like psychiatrists and psychologists are no longer alone in the struggle of helping people affected by mental health disorders. Now there is a First Aid method for the mind that will help people better understand the problems and difficulties of an individual that is suffering from a mental health issue.

The majority of doctors think that people should be trained in both CPR and mental CPR. And the initiative of the Behavioral Health National Council brought awareness on the seriousness of mental health conditions.

There is a First Aid method for the mind, and studies have shown that it is quite efficient. Unfortunately, a lot of Americans still think that mental health issues are a stigma.

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