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Three VHHS Students Got Electrocuted on the Practice Field • Mirror Daily

The school has provided extra counselors for the witnesses of the accident.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – This week an accident shook the Vestavia Hills community as three VHHS students got electrocuted on the practice field. According to the officials two of them are out of harm’s way, while the third is still in critical condition.

Grant Brown, Garrett Griffin and Jack Graffeo were on school premises when the accident happened. The three VHHS students got electrocuted on the practice field. The school is collaborating with the local authorities in order to determine how the loose power lines got there.

According to the children’s hospital of Alabama, Griffin and Brown are doing well. They were not as affected as Graffeo, their friend. The latter’s mother says that her son is rested, but he has some trouble remembering what happened. The doctors are not yet worried because memory loss is a natural symptom that occurs after an electrocution.

The three VHHS students got electrocuted on the practice field while they were trying to move a portable football field goal. The area was supposed to be cleared for the Mountain Track event that was planned for this weekend.

While they were carrying the metal goal post, it made contact with a charged overhead wire. For the moment, it is unclear whether the wires were hanging at a lower distance than usual, of if the goal post was tall enough to reach them.

The school system’s spokesperson, Whit McGhee, declared that upon exposure to the electrical current, one of the boys suffered a cardiac arrest. The first responders team reacted in less than a minute, and they resuscitated the student with a portable defibrillator and CPR.

The VHHS superintendent, Sheila Phillips, announced that extra counselors were present on Thursday on school premises in order to assist the coaches and students who witnessed the accident.

She added that all of the people that were present on the field, students, athletic trainers, coaches and resource officers responded immediately, and they proved that they are able to keep a clear head in stressful situations.

Phillips said that everybody who was present at the incident on Wednesday became a hero. The response team reacted in less than a minute a managed to resuscitate the unresponsive student before the ambulance arrived at the scene.

Every student at VHHS is praying for their colleagues who were affected by the horrible accident. According to one of the students who was praying for the wellbeing of his three friends, nobody knows how it’s like until it happens to them, or a friend of theirs.

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