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Tiffany the Gorilla from Topeka Zoo Died of Cancer on Sunday • Mirror Daily

After a colon surgery, veterinarians discovered Tiffany had cancer

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Sunday was a sad day for the staff at Topeka Zoo in Kansas. Tiffany, a 49-year-old gorilla that everybody loved, passed out after veterinarians discovered she was suffering from stage 4 ovarian cancer. After performing a constipation surgery on the gorilla, they observed how the cancer had metastasized, and there was nothing more they could do.

Tiffany had cancer which metastasized

On Wednesday, Tiffany underwent an operation on her colon after suffering from severe constipation. After that, she didn’t show any improvements in her condition, and looked like she would never get better. Therefore, on Sunday, doctors decided to perform several CT scans on her.

This is how they discovered two massive abdominal masses. Afterwards, they found out these masses were actually tumors, and Tiffany was suffering from stage 4 ovarian cancer. They started another surgery, but the cancer had already spread, and there was nothing they could do. In this case, the wisest decision was to no longer wake the animal up after the operation.

Brendan Wiley, the director of Topeka Zoo, felt the need to explain the decision to euthanize the gorilla. Even if they had removed the tumors, it would still have been hard to administer a treatment to Tiffany. They could find no appropriate chemotherapy to give positive results.

The gorilla was one of the most loved animals at the zoo

Tiffany was among the most popular animals at Topeka Zoo, as she always received presents for Christmas or for her birthday. She died around 3 p.m. on Sunday, surrounded by all people who took care of her and loved her.

Immediately after Tiffany’s death, both staff and visitors shared the most beautiful experiences they lived with her. They are heartbroken, but happy they got to meet such an amazing animal that got to enjoy almost five decades of good life.
Image Source: Pixabay

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