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Tillerson Willing to Push for N.Korea Diplomatic Talks ‘Until First Bomb Drops’ • Mirror Daily

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told several world leaders Tuesday that he plans to continue to negotiate with North Korea “until the first bomb drops”.

Tillerson made the remarks during the Atlantic Council Korea Foundation Forum. He added that while he is ready to push for all diplomatic solutions, Defense Secretary James Mattis is getting ready for war, just in case.

Tillerson thinks that Pyongyang needs to come to the table to negotiate if both sides want a solution. He added that the United States is ready to negotiate with North Korea’s ruling party the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea whenever they’d like to.

As I’ve told people many times, I will continue our diplomatic efforts until the first bomb drops,

Tillerson told the audience Tuesday.

U.S. Is Ready if North Korea Talks Fail

He is confident that the diplomatic solutions would be “successful” and that Mattis would be successful too if war breaks out. The Trump administration official informed the group of U.S. and South Korean leaders that the United States had deployed more military equipment to the region should violence erupt.

The nation’s top diplomat assured the foreign leaders that the U.S.’ military preparedness is beyond average. President Donald Trump has reportedly ordered military leaders to get ready a “full range of contingencies”. The U.S. is ready, Tillerson underlined.

His comments come weeks after the latest North Korean ballistic missile test, which Pyongyang presented as a threat to the continental U.S. The North Koreans claim they have developed a weapon that can target the entire American mainland.

General Mattis acknowledged that the latest missile had gone higher than any previous missiles tested by the communist regime. Mattis underlined that this can only prove North Korea hasn’t put on hold its efforts to endanger the U.S., its neighbors, and the world peace.
Image Source: U.S. Embassy

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