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Time Steel Is Pebble's New Smartwatch • Mirror Daily

Time Steel looks better, works better, and feels better than the old Time.

Time is already obsolete. At least for one tech company it is. Time Steel is Pebble’s new smartwatch and it comes just a few weeks after the standard version of the device, which was simply called Time. This newer one has a much smoother look overall and is bound to attract lots of attention.

It’s an old marketing trick that has served many companies well: release something good, and then quickly roll out something even better. It’s something companies have become accustomed to, and customers only follow the trend set by the movement.

It’s a logical choice, really. Those who have bought your previous product are sure to become frustrated at not having the premium version and will definitely try to get their hands on the newest device, while those who have not will obviously go for the better one.

Pebble’s Time Steel smartwatch looks good. It’s now, as the name suggests, made completely out of steel, and it leather strap. The screen is beautiful, and it’s a great improvement over that of the Time. It now boasts a 64 color LCD screen that makes the original Pebble jealous. It’s clearer, and it adapts better both to indoor conditions as well as to the outdoors. Plus, it doesn’t have that nasty air gap between the screen and the rim, like the Time did – it made it look like one of those 2005 color screen phones. Horrid

The best thing to remember if you want to buy a Pebble Time Steel is that it’s better to have the classic combination of black text on a white background than the other way around. It’s simply more readable. The plastic on top is now better quality and more scratch-resistant, so now it really looks premium.

If you feel that the Steel version is bigger and bulkier than the original… well, you’re right. But hold on! For its larger size, it also has a larger life-span. It can now go many, many days on the same charge. This is a great improvement over the last version of Time. And the beige hue assures a stylish look that is sure to pass as acceptable at a dinner table.

The last version of the watch feels a lot like a child’s toy made for him to feel like a grown up compared to this one which would be his father’s real-deal. And the old one even had those buttons that looked like squishy toy buttons. The new ones are easier to push and sleeker.

Still, what the Time Steel has in looks and style it lacks in affordability and software. Still, there have been constant improvements in the App store, yet critics are still not quite sure what to make of the price – $249.

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