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Timurlengia euotica •

The T-Rex was not a mindless beast, but a highly intelligent predator.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – According to the latest archaeological discoveries, the T-Rex was as smart as it was big. And the proof that backs up that theory was unearthed in central Asia and was named the Timurlengia euotica.

The T-Rex got his reputation as a fierce predator from the Jurassic Park movies. But there were other stories to back up the giant, killing predator and his thirst for dinosaur blood. And of course, the Tyrannosaurus could not have been portrayed as it was without solid, scientific facts.

The Jurassic Park movies may have confused the eras in which certain dinosaurs lived, and brought together some species that lived millions of years apart, but they got something right. The Tyrannosaurus Rex was at the top of the food chain. And to get there, the T-Rex was as smart as it was big.

There was a missing link that stopped scientists from proving the superiority, both intellectual and physical of the Tyrannosaurus. But now, it has been found and it goes by the name of the Timurlengia euotica, and it used to roam the planet 90 million years ago.

The discovery of this new giant reptile fills a gap of 20 million years in the evolutionary history of the T-Rex. By studying its remains, the researchers established that the original T-Rex was no bigger than a horse. But his brain was highly developed, meaning that when the flora and fauna went mega, the Tyrannosaurus climbed on top of the food chain.

According to the fossilized remains of the Timurlengia that were discovered in Central Asia in Uzbekistan, the T-Rex predecessor was a bit bigger than a modern-day horse. It also had a slim figure and very sharp teeth. Combined with an aerodynamic skeletal construction that allowed it to run at great velocities, the Timurlengia was a killing machine.

Roughly 170 million years ago, the first Tyrannosaurus specimen appeared. At the time, it was no larger than a human. Time past, and after a couple of million years, it grew smarter and bigger. And 66 million years ago, the giant, highly intelligent reptile climbed to the top of the food chain where it remained for another couple of million years.

That was the era of the Tyrannosaurus Rex and the Albertosaurus. The biggest specimens of the Tyrannosaurus species. But according to the skull of the Timurlengia, the T-Rex was as smart as it was big.

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