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Tinder Online Makes The Dating App Available On The Desktop • Mirror Daily

Tinder, the well-known dating app is now available in a desktop version named Tinder Online. 

(Mirror Daily, United States) – On March 28th, Tinder announced that it is launching a new feature for its users. The well-known dating app is now available on a desktop version named Tinder Online. Through it, users will be able to access their profile even as they are at a computer.

Tinder Online Is The Dating App’s Web-Optimized Version

Tinder announced its newest option through a blog post. This also saw a statement from Brian Norgard. He is the Tinder Head of Product. According to Norgard, Tinder Online should be especially useful in emerging markets. In fact, the web-optimized version was specifically developed for them. This is because users from emerging markets might not have enough storage space on their phone for the app.

Tinder also have an image-heavy feed which requires its fair share of data. This also makes it quite inaccessible from weak or low connection areas. As it is, Tinder Online should solve such issues. In its post, the dating app presented its newest feature as follows:

“Introducing Tinder Online: a fun, new web experience […] ‘Not Enough Storage?’ Not a problem. Don’t let life get in the way of your Tinder game.”

As it can be seen from its description, the new feature should be useful to PC-bound users. These can be either in a classroom or they can be in a cubicle, as Tinder itself proposes.

Tinder Online Will Work As Follows

In order to access the web-optimized version, users will still have to sign in to their account via Facebook. At least for the moment, Tinder Online will come without some of the app’s revenue features. As such, it will not be including the ‘Super Like’ or the ‘Tinder Boost’.

According to the company, this new feature will not come with extra privacy requirements. As the app connects via Facebook, it already has access to its share of user information. The web-optimized version will come with a sole difference. It will be collecting the user’s location through the browser. But that will reportedly be it. Tinder Online will reportedly not be accessing the browser history.

Tinder power users should also find it easier to send messages and do their swipe from this new web version. Tinder Online in itself could ensure a higher number of swipes and matches as users should find it easier to access the service. Some claim that the app in itself is now more of a time spender than a dating alternative.

Presently, the company is testing Tinder Online in several countries. These are Italy, Sweden, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, and the Philippines. Also, Tinder will be launching this web-optimized version on a global scale sometime ‘soon’.

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