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Tinder Says 'I Super Like You' • Mirror Daily

The new Super Like button will be tested in the following period in Australia.

Starting with the following period, Tinder says ‘I Super Like You’ to let users better find their matches. The online app is introducing a new feature, the Super Like’ which makes searches and opinions on other users more accurate.

Cofounder of the dating platform, Sean Rad made the official announcement during a press release on early Thursday morning. He told the press that the online dating website will see the introduction of many features and upgrades in the following period. The CEO took this decision in order to make matching processes more accurate and to remind users what the real purpose of the app is.

Most Tinder users have forgotten that the app is meant to help people find pairs and start relationships with individuals that share the same interests. The majority of them are using the dating program as a social network and Tinder is not pleased with that. They believe the app should preserve its original profile because it is the only one that distinguishes it from other similar programs.

The CEO has further explained how the new Super Like feature functions. Say for instance a user is swiping right through other online profiles and suddenly comes across a person that is more than just interested in him/her. The user has the option to click the ‘Super Like’ button and let the other person know their intentions.

Rad has described the ‘Super Like’ button as a first eye encounter that people make while meeting each other in a room or across the street. The cofounder hopes the new option will facilitate relationships between people and will help them initiate conversations.

There will be other functions added in the following period, the CEO has stated. The Tinder Plus version gives users a limited amount of swipe rights per day. Additionally, they will benefit of Undo and Passport options that further boost matching possibilities.

For the moment, Tinder will be testing the Super Like button in Australia. At the end of the trial period, developers may use the button for versions in other countries, as well, depending on the feedback they get from users.

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