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Tips for Safe Driving in the Snow

In case of a snowy road drivers are advised to drive slower than the speed limit to avoid sliding off the road.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – As winter hit North America a little late, people were starting to think that maybe the cold season went soft this year. Snow may be the best thing ever when it comes to snowballs fights and snowman building, but it could also be the worst enemy of drivers. Here are some helpful tips for safe driving in the snow.

The weather outside is truly frightful and there is nothing delightful in getting your car stuck in the snow, or worse, get into an accident because of the slippery roads. When snow hits people tend to jump behind the wheel more because it’s cozier and warmer to get somewhere in the comfort of your car than freezing while walking.

But there are a lot of people who are not aware of the fact that a snowy road is not the same as a normal one and that drivers who decide to take their car out and face the white threat must obey certain unwritten rules in traffic.

Below there are listed some helpful tips for safe driving in the snow.

  • Before leaving your driveway, you must make sure you cleaned all the snow and ice from your car, especially the hood and the roof. Do not pour hot water on the car to try and remove the ice because it could crack the windshield. It is best if you start the car and let it warm itself. The ice and snow will melt away in 10 minutes or so.
  • Drive slowly even if you have equipped your car tires with chains. The car in front of you could side slip anytime and you must be able to stop before hitting it.
  • Even if you follow the previous rule, you must also avoid tailgating because of the same reasons.
  • Hit the brakes slowly. The ice can cause side slipping if you stop your car suddenly.
  • Exercise extra caution when approaching overpasses or bridges because they have the tendency to freeze first and cause a lot of accidents.
  • In the case in which you feel like your car is starting to skid, do not attempt to break because you will continue to skid. Just take your foot off the gas and try to slowly pull the stirring wheel in the desired direction.
  • Preparation is key so you should prepare yourself for the scenario in which you get stuck in the snow. Stack some extra blankets, socks, shoes, a warm sweater, some snacks that don’t spoil easily (like protein bars) and water. Also, keep in mind that a shovel, some jumper cables and a bag of cat litter could help you get your car out of the snow.
  • In case, you do get stuck and can’t get out it is better for you to stay with your car as it is easier to find. And the risks of getting frostbites are smaller.

Hopefully, these tips for safe driving in the snow will be useful for you. In the meantime enjoy the weather with a classic snowball fight, but make sure you don’t swallow any of it as latest studies showed snow absorbs the toxins in the environment.

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