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Tips to Take Great Supermoon Pictures • Mirror Daily

The supermoon even will occur on Monday morning.

On Monday morning, a rare supermoon will be visible across the night’s sky. Of course, this celestial phenomenon will attract not only scientists but astronomy enthusiasts as well.

Needless to say, that the supermoon event will be the highlight of Monday, and that many people are looking forward to taking pictures of the phenomenon. As scientists explain, on Monday morning, the Moon, Earth’s natural satellite, famed in song and story, will reach the closest point in its orbit.

Historically speaking, an event of such magnitude has not been sighted since 1948. Now, to help people capture the supermoon in all its beauty, several professional photographers, including Bill Ingalls who works for NASA have stepped up to share with us some useful tips on how we can get great snapshots.

First of all, NASA’s senior photographer added, all the pictures posted on social media channels during such an event are blurry. In some of them, he said, the viewer cannot be certain whether the object depicted is the moon or a bright light bulb.

A good workaround, he stated, is never to photograph the moon directly. Instead, we always photograph the object relative to a near point of reference, like a local landmark or a natural formation.

Lannis Waters, a photographer from Palm Beach, stated that you don’t need any special gear to photograph the moon, like a DSLR camera. A smartphone with a decent camera would suffice, the photographer added.

Another great piece of advice offered by Waters is to start early. Using your smartphone, Waters added, you should photograph the Moon while it’s near the planet’s horizon. In addition, we should try and frame it between various objects, as this technique will help us get the exposure right.

If you’re using a DSLR camera, you should consider using a long lens to take the picture. A tripod will help you to counter vibrations. For great results, consider using a timer and a cable release to further reduce vibrations.

To add a little pizzazz to your picture, the photographer from Palm Beach suggests that we should always capture another point of interest in the background. But, in order to shoot the perfect picture, this spot must be searched for in advance. Take a stroll just before nightfall and search for a good spot.

If you’re from Palm Beach, you can try the shores of Lake Worth or even the pier near Juno Beach. Happy supermoon hunting, guys!

Image source: Pixabay

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