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Touchjet Wave Will 'Smarten Up' Your Regular TV

Touchjet Wave will turn your TV into a responsive, smart surface.

An easy-to-use, new device called Touchjet Wave will ‘smarten up’ your regular TV and transform your usual viewing into the ability to touch and interact with your screen. It’s comparable to a rule of life that most like bigger screens, but they also do not want too much of their space occupied. So, it’s often a conundrum which to sacrifice or how to reach a proper compromise.

The Android device is seeking to solve precisely that issue, by being able to turn your remote controlled TV into a huge smart device that can be between 20 and 80 inches in size. It will allow the user to transform and interact with the device through an overlay that will be displayed just a miniscule distance away from the front of the screen.

All you need is a HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) enabled TV, which most are in this day and age, and a Touchjet Wave to make your apps appear large across a screen that will very likely not fit in your pocket or purse.

The Android device can be simply attached to the top edge of any flat screen, which will then use infrared technology to essentially create a layer that will be responsive to your touch. Users will be able to hover over applications to activate them, in order to avoid those pesky smudges that might make the entire process a little more frustrating by demanding you to clean up after.

However, once connected, the device will allow you to download millions of entertaining or useful apps, watch movies on Netflix, play games or even use it for more professional reasons, such as presentations. The limits are as wide (or narrow) as any regular smart phone, with the definite advantage that it will certainly be bigger.

In addition, downloading the Touchjet app will allow users of the device to use their smart phones as a remote control in order to navigate across the screen, should they wish not to take advantage of the touch function. However, that might be significantly less fun.

Touchjet Wave has 1 GB of RAM and  8 GB of memory, and is still in the process of crowd funding on Indiegogo. However, it has seen a promising start which could hint at its future success, considering it has gathered an impressive $100,000 in just one day.

Interested customers can pre-purchase the device by venturing to the website even before it launches. The set price will reportedly be of $99 within the first 8 hour-special discount, which will then rise to $119.

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