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Toyota Unveils Its midsize pickup- Tacoma • Mirror Daily

The North American Auto Show is scheduled to open on January 12th but it seems Toyota is impatient to showcase next iteration – The Tacoma pickup. Toyota has released the first pictures of its midsize pickup. The beefier-looking 2016 Tacoma midsize truck will be unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show on Monday.

The new ‘Taco’ boasts a larger, hexagonal grille, narrower headlamps, and more details imprinted into the doors and tailgate. But the pickup retains the familiar look.

The truck is about the same size as its predecessor and Toyota assures that it will have “new, rugged tech” and that its “off-road prowess is more formidable than ever.”

Tacoma has maintained its position as the best selling midsize pickup in America. However it is not going to be a smooth ride with new entrants into the market like the new Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon, which offer more power and efficiency than Toyota’s current truck.

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