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Tree Man from Bangladesh Saved by Advanced Plastic Surgery • Mirror Daily

Abul Bandajar, also known as the Tree Man, will have a chance of living a normal life after multiple surgeries.

Abul Bajandar, a 27-year-old male from Bangladesh, known to the world as ‘Tree Man,’ is about to lose his notoriety, after a team of plastic surgeons from a Bangladesh hospital managed to remove most tree-like warts which covered the man’s hands.

Bajandar, who lives in a small town outside Bangladesh, can finally look forward to living a normal life after the doctors managed to remove most of the outgrowths on his arms. The man has been diagnosed with a rare condition called epidermodysplasia verruciform, a disease which can increase an individual’s susceptibility to the human papilloma virus.

Research shows that his condition is triggered by a defect in the individual’s immune system. Furthermore, the condition itself is so rare, that only a few cases have reported so far. The most notable cases involving epidermodysplasia verruciform are that of Ion Toader, from Romania, Dede Koswara, from Indonesia, and, of course, Abul Bajandar, from Khulna, Bangladesh, who also receive the name of Tree Man.

However, it would seem Bajandar will soon be able to live a normal and productive life, thanks to the efforts of a team of plastic surgeons from the Dhaka Medical College Hospital led by Dr. Samantha Lal Sen, the chief plastic surgeon.

Although there is no known cure for this rare immune condition, the doctors discovered that it could be kept in check after removing tree-like warts. Mr. Bajandar already underwent 16 surgeries, and he will need three more before the doctors can completely remove the abnormal tissue from his hands.

Dr. Lal Sen declared that the 24-years-old male from Khulna has responded well to surgery and that he is in a very good condition. The same doctor declared that the man was diagnosed with this rare condition around the age of 10 when he first noticed warts.

The disease progressed, leaving Bajandar unable to perform even simple tasks like eating, brushing his teeth, or taking a shower. Before the team began the surgery, the bark-like formations entirely covered his fingers, palms, and his feet.

One can surmise that, in just a couple of months, Tree Man will lose his name, and go back to being just Abul Bajandar, loving husband and father.

When asked about how the surgery went, Dr. Lal Sen responded that it took the team more than 4 hours to remove approximately 5 kilograms of warts.

Image source: Wikipedia

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